Home Gardening

so the decision was made.  Dee Thomas would yet again try to attempt to grow another home garden.

Two years prior, after spending lots of time planning what to grow, placing it in planned spots throughout my raised garden bed, watching my crop come to Blume.  I was excited, elated.  The tomatoes looked so yummy.  Little did I know, something else had plans for my crop as well.  Visiting my garden bed on a daily basis, I would start to notice problems, someone, something was eating my crop.  Just as it would come close to harvest, a local groundhog would beat me before I could get to my fruits of labor.

That summer the whole crop went to feeding the neighborly groundhog.  I gave up, until this summer 2018.

I have hope….. I have dreams…….

In my, I started planning my new summer crop.

my choice planting’s would be simple.  Cucumber, Eggplant, Broccoli, Callaloo, Red onion, Ginger, Mint, Basil and Aloe.

I also found a cage online to cover my garden bed to keep neighborly wild animals out.

keeping my fingers crossed, I went and planted my crop.

1459179E-F474-429B-8714-3FCA643768CD.jpegNow the wait, to see if it will grow.The cage was easy to install, and I hoped that it would do the job of keeping animals out.  I sprinkled cayenne pepper around the base of the garden bed, I read that groundhogs hated cayenne pepper.

F2A57FC7-05BB-4D59-8A5D-6ED7A86FC38BBeautiful, It is August and everything is growing.  I harvested my first crop, small but proud.  I few eggplants, Cucumber, Mint, Basil and some Callaloo.


I look forward to using everything in this garden to make some delicious dishes and reel the rewards of my harvest.

Update, I see the groundhog walking around in the backyard, he doesn’t go near the garden, keeping my fingers crossed…………






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