Bone Broth


I find making Bone Broth an interesting adventure.  Years ago, while studying Culinary Arts and The Culinary Institute of America, our first actual class within a kitchen was making stocks and braising a lamb shank.

This class was an intro into cooking, taught by a dearly missed Chef instructor known by the name Chef Natale.

We made gallons upon gallons of veal stock, later to be turned into Demi-glacé, chicken stock and fish stock.  Little did we know at the time that not only were these training classes at the Culinary, but it was a fine tuned institution.  All the stocks we made were divided up and shared in all training classrooms utilizing stocks in their recipes.

We used the terminology (beef, chicken, veal or fish) stock simply as that.

Now, fast forward to present day and “Bone Stock”  is being used.  Not only for use in soups, stews and other applications, but we are now drinking it straight as meal replacements and for medicinal purposes.

Who would have known that in 1994, while back in those kitchens what this sauce of gold, reference to what Chef Natale, use to call it, would truly be a gold mine.

We have always used bones to make stock or broth.  And we have always simmered the shit out of it.  The only difference in the two terminologies is that Bone Broth is supposedly made without the use of mirepoix (carrots, celery, onion and herbs).

My question is “But Why”, the more flavor the better the Broth.

CHEF, technically speaking…………


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