Cape Verdean Tuna


Having casual conversations with coworkers, we were listing our favorite foods we enjoy eating.

I can clearly say that I like slow cooked chicken wings, oven broiled ribeye steaks, and freshly roasted vegetables.

one of my coworkers said they like tuna fish.  I agreed but said that it has to be cooked perfectly not to done, not to rare.

This is when the conversation took a left, it was explained to me that they were referring to canned tuna.  Not any kind of canned tuna, but tuna from their island, Cape Verde.

Being very skeptical of any food that comes out of a can, I quickly moved out of a dead ended conversation.

Weeks later, a can of this tuna was brought for me to try.

TONIGHT,  tonight was the nite in planning to try this product out.

My ingredient list included lettuce, tomato, celery, red onion, avocado, boiled eggs and fresh lemon juice.

i started preparing my salad and lastly dug my handheld can opener out of hiding.

Now, this is the test.  Is this tuna as good as all my coworkers swear by.

The tuna comes in a big red can and it sits in its own oil.  It is recommended to use the oil as well.

Opening the can, I flip the contents out into a bowl.  Using a fork, I flake the tuna to separate it.

Have to taste this, one little morsel on the tip of my tongue and an explosion of flavor.

OMG, by far this is the best flavorful tuna that I have ever tasted.  Thumbs Up!!!!!

There really is no need to season it anymore, a little drizzle of lemon juice and I just ate away.

Bye, Bye Starkist and Bumblebee, this tuna has got me hooked.


A little brief history of tuna from Cape Verde:

Cape Verde cuisine is a mix of mainly African and Portuguese influences. Big fishing area and what comes out of the water, they eat in Cape Verde.

Tuna is the national fish and is prepared several different ways. Other seafood includes lobster, squid, swordfish, grouper, sea bream, octopus and mackerel all caught daily and ready made.



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