New Year and of Course, Fitness Goals


Fitness Goals.  Not a resolution but a way of forward thinking.  We all start our year saying “This is the year that I am going to have a better body, feel great and lose some weight”.  The lucky ones still have that dying vision in February.

The gym’s make a lot of money on full year memberships that the participants never use again past February or March.  During that time the regular members either take a vacation or fight for their regular machines, shaking their heads praying for March.

Myself, Unfortunately I had a bump start in my weight loss goals later in 2016.  It was the perfect opportunity to keep riding the wave, once my strength and energy level came back.

The Unknown secret weapon in my arsenal of get fit videos, eating fads, Teas, Smoothies, must I list more was Walking.

Walking, what a Blessing.  My walks started out slow and steady.  In the backyard, up and down my street, in the park, around the block.  My next adventure walked me down to the local square in my neighborhood.

Currently, 6 months in, I am doing 4 mile walks a day.  Not only is it exercise for the body, but also envigorating for the mind.  Breathe in/ Breathe out, meditate.  Thoughts of what once was and what is in store.  Capturing the moment, storing it away for future memories.  Visit the roads that were less taken and view the roads that should never been driven.  Face realism, accept in your truest form what is is and what to do next.

Eyes Wide Open, Mind Focused and Clear with the Strengh of a Lion……..

Happy New Year