Cape Verdean Tuna


Having casual conversations with coworkers, we were listing our favorite foods we enjoy eating.

I can clearly say that I like slow cooked chicken wings, oven broiled ribeye steaks, and freshly roasted vegetables.

one of my coworkers said they like tuna fish.  I agreed but said that it has to be cooked perfectly not to done, not to rare.

This is when the conversation took a left, it was explained to me that they were referring to canned tuna.  Not any kind of canned tuna, but tuna from their island, Cape Verde.

Being very skeptical of any food that comes out of a can, I quickly moved out of a dead ended conversation.

Weeks later, a can of this tuna was brought for me to try.

TONIGHT,  tonight was the nite in planning to try this product out.

My ingredient list included lettuce, tomato, celery, red onion, avocado, boiled eggs and fresh lemon juice.

i started preparing my salad and lastly dug my handheld can opener out of hiding.

Now, this is the test.  Is this tuna as good as all my coworkers swear by.

The tuna comes in a big red can and it sits in its own oil.  It is recommended to use the oil as well.

Opening the can, I flip the contents out into a bowl.  Using a fork, I flake the tuna to separate it.

Have to taste this, one little morsel on the tip of my tongue and an explosion of flavor.

OMG, by far this is the best flavorful tuna that I have ever tasted.  Thumbs Up!!!!!

There really is no need to season it anymore, a little drizzle of lemon juice and I just ate away.

Bye, Bye Starkist and Bumblebee, this tuna has got me hooked.


A little brief history of tuna from Cape Verde:

Cape Verde cuisine is a mix of mainly African and Portuguese influences. Big fishing area and what comes out of the water, they eat in Cape Verde.

Tuna is the national fish and is prepared several different ways. Other seafood includes lobster, squid, swordfish, grouper, sea bream, octopus and mackerel all caught daily and ready made.



Meal Preparation


It’s Sunday and what is Chef Dee doing????

Meal preparation is essential to living and eating healthy.

A well planned out meal helps you stay on target on your health goals.

It prevents you from making costly mistakes as stopping by a fast food place because you have no time to cook.

I try to avoid these pitfalls for a number of reasonable:

  • Bad food choices
  • High cost
  • Sanitation hazards
  • No portion control

Personally, I prefer healthy, clean tasteful food that was made with love.

This my friend is very hard to find, so what better way, than to make it yourself and enjoy.

So what’s on the menu this week? All meals are Keto friendly.

We start off Sunday with a Asian Beef and Cabbage/Kale Stir-fry.

Monday – Chicken with Broccoli

Tuesday- Tuna salad w/ boiled egg

Wednesday – Buffalo Chicken with sautéed cabbage

Thursday – Thai Coconut Curry Salmon w/ roasted cauliflower

Friday- Keto Pepperoni Pizza w/ side of greens

Saturday –  Chicken Fajita Bowl

My beverage choices this week is lots of water, Tea and coffee.  In that order.

I will try not to have any alcoholic beverages, pray for me on Friday and the weekend.

Good Risings………..

Bone Broth


I find making Bone Broth an interesting adventure.  Years ago, while studying Culinary Arts and The Culinary Institute of America, our first actual class within a kitchen was making stocks and braising a lamb shank.

This class was an intro into cooking, taught by a dearly missed Chef instructor known by the name Chef Natale.

We made gallons upon gallons of veal stock, later to be turned into Demi-glacé, chicken stock and fish stock.  Little did we know at the time that not only were these training classes at the Culinary, but it was a fine tuned institution.  All the stocks we made were divided up and shared in all training classrooms utilizing stocks in their recipes.

We used the terminology (beef, chicken, veal or fish) stock simply as that.

Now, fast forward to present day and “Bone Stock”  is being used.  Not only for use in soups, stews and other applications, but we are now drinking it straight as meal replacements and for medicinal purposes.

Who would have known that in 1994, while back in those kitchens what this sauce of gold, reference to what Chef Natale, use to call it, would truly be a gold mine.

We have always used bones to make stock or broth.  And we have always simmered the shit out of it.  The only difference in the two terminologies is that Bone Broth is supposedly made without the use of mirepoix (carrots, celery, onion and herbs).

My question is “But Why”, the more flavor the better the Broth.

CHEF, technically speaking…………

Home Gardening

so the decision was made.  Dee Thomas would yet again try to attempt to grow another home garden.

Two years prior, after spending lots of time planning what to grow, placing it in planned spots throughout my raised garden bed, watching my crop come to Blume.  I was excited, elated.  The tomatoes looked so yummy.  Little did I know, something else had plans for my crop as well.  Visiting my garden bed on a daily basis, I would start to notice problems, someone, something was eating my crop.  Just as it would come close to harvest, a local groundhog would beat me before I could get to my fruits of labor.

That summer the whole crop went to feeding the neighborly groundhog.  I gave up, until this summer 2018.

I have hope….. I have dreams…….

In my, I started planning my new summer crop.

my choice planting’s would be simple.  Cucumber, Eggplant, Broccoli, Callaloo, Red onion, Ginger, Mint, Basil and Aloe.

I also found a cage online to cover my garden bed to keep neighborly wild animals out.

keeping my fingers crossed, I went and planted my crop.

1459179E-F474-429B-8714-3FCA643768CD.jpegNow the wait, to see if it will grow.The cage was easy to install, and I hoped that it would do the job of keeping animals out.  I sprinkled cayenne pepper around the base of the garden bed, I read that groundhogs hated cayenne pepper.

F2A57FC7-05BB-4D59-8A5D-6ED7A86FC38BBeautiful, It is August and everything is growing.  I harvested my first crop, small but proud.  I few eggplants, Cucumber, Mint, Basil and some Callaloo.


I look forward to using everything in this garden to make some delicious dishes and reel the rewards of my harvest.

Update, I see the groundhog walking around in the backyard, he doesn’t go near the garden, keeping my fingers crossed…………





Fat Bombs

Fat bombs are  treats that deliver a very high dose of healthy fat with very little protein or fat.  You can use them during your afternoon slump or as a pre- or post-workout

Since they’re mostly fat, keto fat bombs provide steady energy and stable blood sugar levels.

Fat bombs are excellent for anyone following a low carb or keto diet and those craving higher energy levels without upping their caffeine

Fat bombs are roughly 85–90% pure fat, you can snack on them when you’re hungry or slightly less energized without worrying about your carbs.

These little treats are fun and very easy to make.

Pictured is my favorite: Coconut Chocolate Fat Bomb.  I infused a little peanut butter into it, since peanut butter is one of my guilty pleasures.


one cup of coconut oil, 1/2 cup of cocoa, one teaspoon of vanilla, pinch of salt.  You can add a teaspoon of sweetener (stevia or monk powder).

Myself😬, snuck in a few unsweetened chocolate chips.

You blend all ingredients together in a blender and pour in rubber molds, Freeze

Again, another cheat of mines😬.  I mixed unsweetened coconut flakes with peanut butter to form a thick paste.  I only filled the molds halfway to freeze, saving half the chocolate mix.  Once frozen, I put little dollops of the coconut/peanut butter mixture in the middle of each mold and topped it of with the emailing chocolate.  Frozen it again and I got something similar to a receese peanut butter cup.6B8C7AF4-9B32-43B1-A85D-8B98FD96FB28


so, it’s been over a month since I have almost…..eliminated carbs from my diet.  I have been living a part-time Keto lifestyle.  This is my last weekend and then I am going full blown.

bye, bye Tito’s, I will miss you.

i have already started prepping my menu’s and will start looking for an exercise planning.

Cardio Boxing???

#keto #Paleo #aip for life,