7C6D663E-D7A6-45EE-9FC9-3692B9F3DE2CIm here, still trying to navigate this life thing.  Compassion…… what is that.  Having a love for something….yet not understanding nothing.  Here, that’s where I’m at.

FOOD, cravings from the heart.  Masterpieces created from fire and multiple desires. Creativity, in the eyes of the beholder.  Smolder, those yummy pork chops that were gently fried and then drowned in that chicken……gravy that made my heart ❤️ ❤️ stop.

Grandma, she was the first, Who….. show me the ways…… Fascinating, it’s the only wY that I can describe it.

Heat, oil,sauté…. browning….those flavorful results of cooking with soul in your heart.

I can’t explain it, damn can’t forget it, the sounds of those ingredients searing to optimal pleasures that will entrance gourmetifically all that Experience It.