It’s been awhile

it,s been awhile but let’s do this.  Sitting here on the eve of Boston Carnival thinking about Food Concepts and what Dee is going to do in 2018.  I like to do it big and let people know that I’m not sleeping.

With that being said, I have to ask…. What’s hot or rather what my executive chef would say What’s sexy???

I’m interested in the Toast and Avocado bar concept and just leaving Boston Carnival I sampled a couple of Trini tables and noticed that all of them were selling this fruit marinaded with herbs and garlic.  I bought a Mango one and it was interesting to say the least.  I wanted to take it home and use it as a salsa on a freshly fried piece of Snapper fish or King Fish.

i really do enjoy my Caribbean food it’s my second love, first love being Asian Cuisine. When I started cooking, I always imagined myself to be a Chinese Chef.  My first teip out of the country landed me in Jamaica no I fell in love all over again.  I remember returning back home and running to the tropical market buying salt beef to make my Red Beans and Rice and to the fish market to buy my Red Snapper, I was to Escovitch this fish in a way that no American had ever.  Escovitch, what a sexy word.  I’m going to Escovitch you!!!!

I also experimented with beef patty’s, Fish Cakes and Brown Stew Chicken.

i would later visit other international places and do the same thing.  I think that I should travel solo, because my only purpose of visiting a place is on how the food taste and what I can duplicate.

Chow ChowIMG_0022