Meal Preparation


It’s Sunday and what is Chef Dee doing????

Meal preparation is essential to living and eating healthy.

A well planned out meal helps you stay on target on your health goals.

It prevents you from making costly mistakes as stopping by a fast food place because you have no time to cook.

I try to avoid these pitfalls for a number of reasonable:

  • Bad food choices
  • High cost
  • Sanitation hazards
  • No portion control

Personally, I prefer healthy, clean tasteful food that was made with love.

This my friend is very hard to find, so what better way, than to make it yourself and enjoy.

So what’s on the menu this week? All meals are Keto friendly.

We start off Sunday with a Asian Beef and Cabbage/Kale Stir-fry.

Monday – Chicken with Broccoli

Tuesday- Tuna salad w/ boiled egg

Wednesday – Buffalo Chicken with sautéed cabbage

Thursday – Thai Coconut Curry Salmon w/ roasted cauliflower

Friday- Keto Pepperoni Pizza w/ side of greens

Saturday –  Chicken Fajita Bowl

My beverage choices this week is lots of water, Tea and coffee.  In that order.

I will try not to have any alcoholic beverages, pray for me on Friday and the weekend.

Good Risings………..